Aqua Case

Any Adventure, Any Environment

The robust AquaCase™ accessory has been developed to provide the same great hearing during even the most rugged activities.

  • All-day, every day, reusable accessory
  • Ideal for swimming, snorkeling, skiing, mountain biking, mud running, and other exciting adventures 
  • Designed for dusty outdoor environments, including farms, workshops, playgrounds, and construction sites
  • Secure, off-ear, worry-free wearing for exceptional retention and peace of mind
  • Built Kid Tough™ providing protection and retention for an active lifestyle
  • IP 68 rating for the ultimate protection against water, sweat, sand, and grime


World’s Only Waterproof Microphone

The AquaCase accessory is designed for use with the swimmable AquaMic™, AB’s unique, IP 68-rated microphone. The AquaMic is 100% waterproof and does not require a bag or enclosure that significantly reduces sound quality. Delivering the industry’s only headpiece-integrated microphone, AB allows Naída CI and Neptune™ recipients to wear the processor off the ear in the preferred location for any activity and still have optimal sound quality for outstanding hearing! 


The All-Action Accessory

Advanced Bionics innovations let you fully live your life with no limitations. From sandy beaches to snowy mountains to steamy spas, Naída CI recipients can enjoy the best possible hearing anytime, anywhere and during any activity.



Ready for Action!

With a choice of multiple wearing options, including a clip, lanyard, and armband,** no adventure is too extreme and no environment too tough.

AquaMic – World’s only waterproof microphone

AquaCase Clip**

AquaCase Armband**

AquaCase Lanyard**


*Check with your local AB representative for regulatory approval in your area.
**Must be purchased separately
***PowerCel™ 110 battery, AquaMic headpiece, and AquaMic cable required

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