Discreet Off-the-Ear Hearing, Premium Sound Quality

The Platinum Series Processor



The Platinum SeriesTM Processor(PSP) offers AB’s unmatched sound processing technology in a discreet, body-worn option. The PSP is preferred by many parents of young children who are too small for an ear-level processor. The PSP also features large, tactile controls that make it an ideal choice for those with vision or dexterity challenges. With the PSP, adults and children alike can enjoy maximized hearing while wearing nothing on the ear.


“The ease of use of the equipment was important to us because not only were we going to have to learn to manage it, but so would our family who cares for her. We liked the option of the body-worn processor because she was an infant when she was implanted, and we liked that we could attach it to the harness and not have to worry about losing it.”

Lisa Cunningham, mother of Liliana, bilaterally implanted by age 13 months


The World of Sound in Detail

Children and adults who benefit from the ease and convenience of the Platinum Series Processor’s body-worn design will also enjoy access to AB’s unmatched technology, including:

  • HiRes Fidelity 120TM *: Designed to deliver five times more spectral resolution (120 spectral bands) than competing sound processors, so you hear more details in speech, music, and more.
  • AutoSoundTM: Adapts dynamically to every environment, automatically adjusting volume levels to optimize hearing, so you can concentrate on listening instead of making adjustments to your sound processor.
  • Wide IDR: Designed to enable you or your child to better hear soft speech, speech in noise, and the details of music.

*Not approved for pediatric patients in the United States.

PSP Features


The PSP’s convenient features are designed to help you or your child hear all the sounds that make life so rich.

  • Rechargeable Battery - Eco-friendly and cost-efficient, the PSP’s lithium-ion batteries last for years
  • Headpiece Cable - Five cable lengths are available in two different colors.
  • Easy-to-Use Controls - Large, tactile program, volume, and sensitivity controls make the PSP easy to operate for those with vision or dexterity challenges
  • Processor - The Platinum Series Sound Processor delivers AB’s unsurpassed sound quality
  • Built-in Microphone - The PSP’s microphone is built into the headpiece so you or your child don’t have to wear anything on the ear
  • Headpiece and Color Cap - The comfortably designed headpiece can be customized with six interchangeable color caps
  • Dual-Color LED Indicator - The LED will illuminate with a green or red light to confirm battery status, lock status, or microphone system status
  • Audible alerts - The PSP is equipped with a programmable alarm to alert parents and caregivers when battery power is low or if communication between the implant and processor has been disrupted
  • IntelliLinkTM - A safety feature to prevent bilateral mismatches.